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 Zenit 122

The Zenit 122 35mm SLR camera was made by the company KMZ. It was introduced in 1990 and was manufactured in Russia. This camera is built like a tank it is very sturdy even if the body was made of ABS plastic. this SLR camera has a 42mm screw thread fitting for the lens. The standard lens for it was a 58mm f2 helios. It also uses a TTL Light meter. It was displayed on the right of the viewfinder as  red LEDS for over and under exposure, and a green one for correct settings. It also has a microprism and a split-image focus to help in getting the right picture. The focal plane shutter it use has speeds from 1/20 to 1/500. The Zenit 122 camera also has a self timer which you can use by first locking down the shutter release, then setting a thumbwheel on the right side of the camera and pressing the front button to set the timer.

zenit 122 side

This camera was intended for taking amateur pictures for black and white and colored use. It is a single light reflex 35mm manual camera. The camera body is very well designed even though I don’t have much knowledge about cameras, I did like the looks of this one. Mine has some scratches on the body and also the edge of the lens has some scratches as well. But other than the camera’s body is still fixed and on good condition. There are no signs of rust in the body it was only dusty. After wiping the dust of and cleaning the SLR camera, it became presentable and will be a nice addition to anyone’s collection.

zenit 122 top

I then went to the Internet to find anymore information regarding this camera. What I found was that even though it was a nice looking camera. In some reviews they say that the view finder is terrible. When you focus to take some pictures it seems that the thing or scene that you are taking a picture of is not focused at all. The light meter was a so so and some reviews say that you can only get a nice picture of something if the sun was bright. All in all the body of the Zenit 122 camera was very strong the problem lies in the internal parts because almost every internal art has a problem. They say that it would be nice to add to someone’s collection but if you are planning on using it, you better think twice first.



Zenit Camera

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