WW2 Era Bayonet

     Yesterday when we were weighing some scrap metals I saw a strange looking sword. It was still in its scabbard and at first I didn’t mind it. Then I was talking to the man who sold it, I think that he is in his early fifties, I asked him about the sword. He said that his grandfather was the one who owns it and it was used during the Japanese occupation here in the Philippines during World War Two. He said that it was a bayonet and his Grandfather gave it to him. Then I asked him why he would sell it for scrap he said that it was rusty and he doesn’t have any use for it.  Then I paid him the amount for the metal scraps that he sold and I took the bayonet to inspect it.
     A bayonet is any spike shaped weapon that can be attached or to fit underneath the nozzle of a rifle or a musket.  It then turns the gun into a spear for close quarters combat. If it is not attached to a gun it can also be used for other purposes.
    The bayonet was very rusty and the wooden handle had some chips in it. The scabbard I think is made of hard rubber and its it still in good condition except for the top part which is made of metal and it is also rusty. I am trying to identify who made it and what year it was made. If any of the readers know something about it, can I kindly ask for the information? Thanks alot.