VST is Oldskool!!!

     VST & Company rose to prominence in the 70s. They are one of the pioneers of Manila Sound. They are under the label of Sunshine Records a recording arm of Vicor Music Corporation. Also most of their music is disco which was pre dominant in their era. Up to  now people can still hear their music being played in the radios or new artist making a cover of their songs. The 2 songs in this 45 record cam from their first self entitled LP.
      Side A has the song Awitin mo (Sing It.) Runtime is about 4:48. And was produced by by them and written by Sotto and de Leon. This song has a disco vibe to it and some vert catchy lyrics. It basically tells about 2 people being in love and the singer is hoping that their loce will never end.
     Side B has the song Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal (Its You That I Love.) This song is more on the mellow side unlike their disco songs. Basically the man says that she is the only one that he loves even if you ask him over and over his answer will always be the same that he only loves her.
      The records for the most part has some wear and scratches and when i played it on my turntable there was some visible background noise. If you are going to start collecting some OPM 45s be sure to get one of this record they are one of the best Disco Bands of their era.