US Big Replica Coins

     I was segregating my nickel scraps because we were preparing it for delivery tomorrow and I found these large US coins. I was wondering what were they and what was it used for. I looked it up on the internet and found out that they were big US replica coins. They are 3 inch coins and I provided pictures for comparison to a regular US quarter dollar coin.
     I saw on that brand new of these replica coins sells for 3-5 USD roughly 135-225 Philippine Peso. I only paid 6 Pesos (0.13 USD) for it because it was weighed and it only weighed 0.2 kilos along with some other nickel scraps and the price for the nickel scraps I buy is 30 Pesos (0.67 USD.)  . It can be used as a coin toss for games and some magic tricks, can be given as gifts for children and also can be collected. Since it is rare to find this type of Replicas in The Philippines I decided to just keep it and make it into one of my Display piece in my Junkshop. Also if anyone can give me more information about these coins it will be greatly appreciated and I will add the information to this post.