Uriah Heep Salisbury Their Second Album

uriah heep salisbury


Uriah Heep Salisbury Track List

Side One

  1. Bird Of Prey (Box, Byron, Hensley, Newton) 4:05
  2. The Park (Hensley) 5:38
  3. Time To Live (Box, Byron, Hensley) 4:02
  4. Lady In Black (Hensley) 4:33

Side Two

  1. High Priestess (Hensley) 3:39
  2. Salisbury (Box, Byron, Hensley) 16:22                                                                                                                                                                   uriah heep inside cover

The British rock band Uriah Heep Salisbury was their second album. Just like their previous album this album incorporates clean heavy metal and hard rock into their music. Even more so, they have improved on almost all the aspects from their previous one. Salisbury also made a foray into jazz-fusion with their song The Park and square progressive rock with their 16 minute track Salisbury which featured a 24 piece orchestra. The album also had an acoustic ballad with the song Lady In Black. The album did run for about 38 minutes in total  and almost all

of the songs were written or co-written by Hensley. Uriah Heep Salisbury was first released in January 1971 in the US by Mercury Records and February 1971 in the UK by Vertigo Records. The album was recorded in Landsowne Studios, London from October to November of 1970.

The cover art for  the cover of Uriah Heep Salisbury  is easily explained. Just like in the name of the album. Salisbury is a place in Wiltshire, England. It is a Plain and it is used as an army training area. You can see in the front of the album sleeve is a British Chieftain Tank. And just Like the original LP mine is also a gatefold cover. inside a black and white picture of a tank from World War 1. And at the bottom were Hensley’s comment for each track. Later reissues was only in single sleeve. If you are into progressive rock, hard rock, or heavy metal then Uriah Heep Salisbury is an album that you should definitely listen to.






uriah heep salisbury back cover



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