U2 Boy was their debut album (One of their best album)

U2 Boy Cover

U2 Boy Track list

Side A

  1. I Will Follow 3:40
  2. An Cat Dubah 4:46
  3. Into The Heart 3:27
  4. Out Of Control 4:12
  5. The Electric Co 4:47

U2 Boy side a

Side B

  1. Stories For Boys 3:04
  2. The Ocean 1:34
  3. A Day Without Me 3:12
  4. Another Time, Another Place 4:31
  5. Shadows And Tall Trees 5:13
  6. Twilight 4:22

U2 Boy side b

The Album by the Irish rock band U2 Boy was their debut album. It was released in October 20, 1980 . The theme mostly of the album were the thoughts and frustrations of adolescence. The album received good reviews and it was produced by Steve Lillywhite . The total length of the album is 42:52 and all the songs were written by Bono and composed by the band members. Boy was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland. It originally came out in vinyl and after a while in cassette tape, then 1995 a CD versi0n was released. The original sleeve featured the boy Peter Rowan but Warner Bros released a different album cover for North America. It featured a stretched and distorted picture of the band and that is the copy that I have. The U2 Boy album received many a number of awards. it was voted best album, best best debut album, best album sleeve in the Hot Press Irish National Poll Results. It peaked at no. 52 on the UK album charts and No. 63 on the US album charts. The album sat at 18th on the best albums list from The Village Voice’s in 1981 Pass & Jop critics’ poll.  In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine included it at #417 in the list of The 500 greatest Albums Of All Time. Meanwhile on Amazon it was ranked as the greatest album of all time. A digitally remastered version was also released in 2008. The remastered version was released 0n July 21, 2008 in the UK, then the following day at the US. It was released in standard and deluxe cd format and also a vinyl format. Up until now many U2 fans are looking for a copy their album especially the vinyl and cassette versions.