Toshiba transistor radio love at first pick

A Toshiba transistor radio was brought to my junk shop by one of my men last week. It was very dirty and was not working. I was torn between selling it as it is or having it repaired. I then decided that i’ll just have it repaired to be able to sell it at a higher price. So I asked some people if they know someone who still repairs transistor radio. The good thing was that one of my father’s worker is an electrician and he called him to come over to my junk shop. when he arrived I let him see the transistor, he then inspected that leather case first and he said that it just needed to be cleaned at restitched. The transistor on the other hand was showing signs of aging because of neglect. the zinc part was corroded but not heavily and the volume knob was broken and the other knob and switch was stuck the clear metal or plastic were you can see the stations was fuzzy. There was also some batteries that was stock and heavily corroded in its compartment and he can’t even pull it out. After inspecting the Toshiba transistor radio he asked me if he could take it home to be able to repair it because he didn’t brought any tools with him. I said ok and about how long will it take he said that he will inspect it in the evening and be back in the morning  and if can still be repaired or not. So the day after he went back and he said to give him 3-4 days and it will be fixed and I said ok.

Toshiba Transistor Radio dirty


Toshiba Transistor Radio Cover Dirty


The Toshiba transistor radio went back to me after 4 days and after seeing it cleaned up I fell in love with it. I hurriedly tried to see if it would work but lo and behold I don’t have any batteries or a power cord at my shop. So I asked the electrician if he could buy me one. after about an hour he came back with the power cord and some batteries by the way it uses 3 C size batteries. So I was excited to check it out. And it did play very well and the sound coming form it was beautiful. My mother heard it and she asked me if she could keep it. I said that I changed my mind and I didn’t want to sell it anymore and she can have it. All in all I think that this Toshiba transistor radio is for keeps and any idea of selling it went down the drain.

Toshiba transistor radio cleaned

Toshiba Transistor radio cover cleaned


Here are some specifications of the  Toshiba transistor radio

Model: Toshiba Transistor Radio 10M-890F

Manufaturer:  Toshiba Corporation

Country of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Year Manufactured: 1966?

Band: AM/FM

Battery: 3 C sized dry cell

Dimension: 190 x 122 x 50 mm / 7.5 x 4.8 x 2 inch

Weight: 0.910 kg / 2 lb 0.1 oz (2.004 lb)

Power: 220 1.5 volts


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