Tomy Astro Shooter A Tabletop PInball Machine

tomy astro shooter upper part

Tomy Astro Shooter Tabletop Pinball Machine

The Tomy Astro Shooter was a tabletop pinball machine. It was first introduced by Tomy in 1985. The body was made of plastic but the play field was made from painted steel plate. The cover glass was made of plastic. to power it you need 110 volts of electric current. There is an additional flipper near the top right part of the table which helps in the game. There is also a rotating red wheel near the bottom which makes the ball move in different direction thus making the game a little harder. With the traditional sound of “Ding” that you can hear in traditional pinball games Tomy added a Laser and Explosion sound to make it more interesting and add a more fun factor for the game. The Tomy Astro Shooter was not like any other tabletop machine because even if it is a toy there are still elements of the original pinball machine.

tomy astro shooter body

My Tomy Astro Shooter

I got my hands on this Tomy Astro Shooter tabletop pinball machine a week ago. One of my workers brought me this together with another tabletop machine. Since I was busy the past few days due to the holidays I was not able to try it if  it works and wasn’t able to make a post. Since I wasn’t doing anything today I decided to try it out. The power adapter was missing so I used a generic one. I was hoping that it would power up but after a few tries there was no power. I also examined if there was anything missing and the only missing piece was the two legs for the back. I tried the other knobs and buttons to see if it still works and it does. the spring on the start knob button still works fine. The cover plastic glass is in need of cleaning and some of the sticker was peeling off. Other than that there were no longer any visible problems. I looked it up on the Internet and found out that the one I had was a different variation because of its print. I also found the inside pictures and the wiring diagram. I will use this as a reference when I bring it to one of the electricians that I know of and maybe he can fix the power. All in all if I would be able to get a replacement for the back legs and make it able to work again I will definitely keep it for my collection and also to play it from time to time. This will make it my first tabletop machine and also my first pinball machine.

tomy astro shooter whole


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