The Alan Parsons Project

     Been busy today got to listen to only one record. So I decided to listen to Alan Parsons Project. It is composed of Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson and other session musicians. They first started their career in 1975 in United Kingdom and they were a progressive rock band. The record I have was free from scratches and there was hardly background noise when I listened to it. Just needed a little bit of cleaning before I played it. It is US pressed by Arista Records.
     The first song I got to listen to was time. Tracktime is 4:11 and it was written by Alan Parsons and Eric Wolfson and was also produced by Alan Parsons.  It was first released in 1981 in their LP The Turn Of The Friendly Card. It peaked at number fifteen on the US billboard.
    The second song I listened to is The Gold Bug. Tracktime is 4:15 and was also written by the two and produced by Alan Parsons. It was also released in 1981 form the same LP as Time.