Survivor 45 rpm vinyl The Search Is Over

     Got to listen to Survivor’s 45 vinyl record today. It has the songs The Search Is Over and on the other side it has It’s The Singer Not The Song. A little info on the band. It is an American Rock band which was formed in Chicago on the year 1978. They made it big during the 80’s. Their song genre is mainly Hard Rock and Arena Rock. They were active from the years 1978-1989 then took a long hiatus and reformed again in 1993 and up to now they are still active in the music scene. The band’s line up changed throughout the years where some members leave and come back and then leave again. At some point they even had 2 vocalist being the other one left the band again. Survivor is under the music label of Scotti Brothers Records which was formed in 1974 by two brothers Toni and Ben Scotti in California. Most of their LP was under this label and also the record that I got is under them.

     The Songs from this 45 came from Survivor’s LP Vital Signs. It was released on August 1984 and it was their fifth studio album and their first with a new vocalist. The 45 rpm record was also released during the the year 1985. The cover that came with it has some creases and wear but it is still in good condition. The pictures and the wordings on it are still clear and visible and there are no tears on it. The record on the other hand is still in pristine condition and when I played it on my turntable there was no background noise, also it is US pressed by CBS records.
     Side A contains the song When The Search Is Over. Its track time is 4:13. It was produced by Ron Nevison and written by F. Sullivan and J. Peterik. The song basically talks about the singer looking for love and he has a friend that he always took for granted then after some heartbreaks and soul searching he suddenly realize that the girl he was looking for was his friend all along and that he is trying to convince her that he really is inlove with her. Then the girl believed him and now that they are together the love that he is seadching is over because at last he found it.
     Side B has the song entitled It’s The Singer Not The Song. Track time is about 4:32. It was produced by Ron Nevison and written by F. Sullivan and J. Peterik. The song is basically about a man facing some hardship and trials and he is doubting himself if he can ever overcome it. The the song encourages him that whatever hardship or trial may come he can overcome it if he just believes in himself and eventually he will be able to be proud of himself for the accomplishments that he has achieved.