Sunkist Soda Bottle

           Got an Old Sunkist Soda Bottle the other day. It came from one of my worker who showed me some soda bottle. He asked me if there was a bottle that I was looking for. At first all I saw were the newer Coke and Sprite bottles then I looked at the other bottles that he brought me and I saw the Sunkist Bottle. The bottle was under the Coke bottles and it was a good thing that I was able to find it for my collection. The Sunkist bottle was dirty as you can see in the picture but the bottles has no chips or breakage, it only needs some cleaning.
                The Sunkist brand came from cooperative named Sunkist Growers which was based in in California and then was licensed to General Cinema Corporation. They were the leading bottlers of Pepsi Cola at that time. It was first introduced in 1979 in the United States and quickly became the number orange soda in the country. In 1984 the franchise was sold to Del Monte and from 1986-2008 it was produced by Cadbury Schweppes but today it is now produced by Doctor Pepper Snapple Group in the USA.
    Here in the Philippines I think that it was first introduced around the late 80’s to the early 90’s and the bottle in the picture is what they used. I can still remember while growing up that I can see them in the supermarkets and sari sari stores. If I am not mistaken the local franchisee for the said product is RFM Corporation. Until today Sunkist is still being sold but it is now contained in PET plastic bottle or cartons. I don’t know if they are the same but I much prefer the taste of the old Sunkist that was in a bottle.



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