Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition



Sega Genesis Street Fighter 2 cartridge


Street Fighter 2 is an arcade game released by Capcom. It had different ports for different consoles. The Sega Genesis version was name Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition. It was released on the console on September 28, 1993. The release was a combination of Champion edition (original arcade version) and Hyper Fighting (Super Nintendo edition.) The Sega Genesis version of Street Fighter 2 was more like the Hyper Edition version than the Champion version, because it was westernized named can be misleading, also they made altercations to take into account the weaker Genesis hardware as well as cartridge size. There are predictable fewer on screen colors and there was no game announcer for the version.

street fighter 2 box front

street fighter 2 box back

The Sega Genesis Street Fighter Special Champion Edition consists of a champion mode with champion rules just like the arcade version and hyper mode with hyper fighting rules just like the Super Nintendo version. It was the first console version of the game to feature the original opening sequence which depicted two generic martial artists fighting in front of a cheering public. The Japanese version featured a white fighter hitting a black opponent, while the overseas versions replaced the black opponent with another white fighter. The Genesis version also allowed the ten-stars speed settings in hyper mode unlike the Super Nintendo version which is only accessible through a cheat code. It was also the only console version that allowed players to cancel simultaneous button inputs.

street fighter 2 manual


I got this copy when one of my workers brought me a bunch of different Sega Genesis games the other day still with their box. I immediately saw this game. I then inspected if it was still complete and I found that even the manual is still there. It was a nice find because still after a number of years the box, cartridge, and manual was still there and is still in good condition. Now I still have to find a Sega Genesis console to try if the game still works.


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