Some Cassette Tapes

     Found some cassette tapes today when one of my workers was going to dismantle them to remove the magnetic tape and the paper label and weighed the plastic for scrap. I looked into them and found some interesting tapes like that of Sting, John Mayer, and Norah Jones. Then I just went and buy them per piece to add to my collection. Althought compared to vinyls it is fairly new but I think in the future cassette tapes will also be a collectible item.
     An audio cassette or a cassette tape is a medium to store sounds and music. It is used with a cassette player or recorder and a magnetic tape is used to store the sounds. Philips was the one who invented it in 1962 but gained popularity in the 80s in great part to the Sony Walkman. During the year 2000 people used it less and less because of the advent of compact discs and downloadable music like mp3s.
     Brand New Day is the name of the album of Sting it was released in 1999. The length of the album is 48:49 and it was under the A&M Records music label. It was his sixth solo studio album. The album earned Sting two Grammy Awards.
1. A Thousand Years
2. Desert Rose
3. Big Lie Small World
4. After The Rain Has Fallen
5. Perfect Love…. Gone Wrong
1. Tomorrow We’ll See
2. Prelude To The End Of The Game
3. Fill Her Up
4. Ghost Story
5. Brand New Day
6. Desert Rose ( Melodic Club Mix Radio Edit)
     John Mayer’s album Heavier Things was released in 2003. The album length is 45:33 and was released under Columbia and Aware label. And it was copyrighted by Sony Music Entertainment here in the Philippines. It was his second studio album. The album debuted at number one  on the US Billboard 200 Chart.
1. Clarity
2. Biger Than My Body
3. Something’s Missing
4. New Deep
5. Come Back To Bed
1. Home Life
2. Split Screen Sadness
3. Daughters
4. Only Heart
5. Wheel
    Come Away With Me is the debut album of pianist and singer Norah Jones. It was released in 2002 and has a length of 45:03. It was released under the label of Blue Note Records. The copy I have is produced and manufactured by EMI Philippines for the Philippines market. The album reached the top of the US Billboard 200 chart and several other jazz charts. It also gave Norah Jones a number of Grammy Awards.
1. Don’t Know Why
2. Seven Years
3. Cold Cold Heart
4. Feelin’ The Same Way
5. Come Away With Me
6. Shoot The Moon
7. Turn Me On
8. Lonestar
9. I’ve Got To See You
10. Painter Song
11. One Fight Down
12. Nightingale
13. The Long Day Is Over
14. The Nearness Of You


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