Sampaguita Bonggahan/Tao

      Sampaguita, Tessy Alfonso in real life released this 45rpm in 1978 thru Blackgold records in the Philippines. Both songs was written by Gary Perez and produced by Nilo Santos. Side A contains the song Bonggahan. Bongga in english means stylish, so bonggahan means to outdo or out style each other. The song mostly means to go out and party all night and have fun. The tune is very catchy. Side B contains the song Tao in english it means person. The song basically states what happens to one’s lifetime and being likened to a bird who flies and has ambition and at the end also dies. As for me this song connotes a serious tone. The vinyl that i got had some scratches on it and it was very dirty. After some cleaning i played it on my turntable and there were still some background noises maybe due to the scratches. I liked the song Bonggahan for its catchy tunes and lyrics. While Tao i think focuses on a more serious note regarding one’s life.