Safebuster Game and Watch by Nintendo

safebuster front cover

Safebuster was a game released by Nintendo under their handheld units called Game and Watch. Nintendo made 500,000 units of the game. The game’s model number is JB-63. It is a multi screen game and released for their lifetime series. It is an action type of game and has two game modes. In Game A you must catch the bombs that are being thrown by  willy bomber by moving left or right in the screen. You can only hold up to three bombs and you must dispose of it at the edge of the screen. If you catch a fourth bomb, the bomb will explode in your hands and you lose a life. You also lose a life when you don’t catch a bomb at it reaches the floor because it will also explode.  Game B on the other hand is much harder because the game is just like Game A with an added twist because the edges where you dump the bombs now open and closes and you must time it right to catch and dispose the bombs. A single game lets you have a total of  3 lives  You score 1 point when you dispose of the bombs and 20 points when Willy’s Bombs explode on himself. In Safebuster  every start of a game you are given 3 lives and when you lose all 3 of your lives its game over and you need to start again from the beginning.

safebuster open



The unit of Safebuster that I had came from one of the junk shops here that sells me their scraps. One of their workers brought it to me and said that their boss asked him to bring it to me because I might be interested in buying it. The unit was dirty because they found it mixed with other plastic scraps. I still haven’t tested it if it still works or not because I don’t have the necessary sized batteries for it on hand. Also the battery enclosure was missing and I must think of a way to find a replacement for it.


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