Rosy Space Galaxy 3D Electronic Game

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Rosy Space Galaxy 3D

The Rosy Space Galaxy 3D is one of many tabletop electronic games that was built during the 70’s up to the 90’s. It was manufactured by a company who called itself Rosy. The company first manufactured this electronic game in 1983. The Rosy Space Galaxy 3D uses a VFD or Vacuum Fluorescent Display. Because of the VFD the tabletops electronic games were able to show much brighter colors and it was considered to be state of the art at that time. The game comes in color black and near the bottom of the front you can see in purple color the name Space Galaxy and at the center near the screen is the company name which is rosy. It is powered by 4 C sized batteries. There is also an AC adapter jack that you can use to power up the game. The adapter you can use is an Ac 6 volt adaptor which plugs in a 220 outlet.  This was also the first of the 4 games released by Rosy that uses VFD for the screen imaging.

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The Rosy Space Galaxy 3D has a total number of 4 buttons and 1 joystick. At the front near the bottom there are three buttons. the left most is the power button, the middle is the level button, and the right most is the power button. At the top left near the screen is the joystick which you can move either from left or to the right. At the top right is the fire button. After you have inserted the batteries you first must power this electronic game up. Then you choose what level you are going to play. The level is basically another term for difficulty. L-1 or level 1 is for the amateur or beginner, L-2 or level 2 is for the semi-professional or novice, L-3 or level 3 is for the professional or expert. after you choose the level you want to play press the start button.  The object of the game is to shoot the alien ships as they go down towards you. you cannot shoot the alien ships while they are in a resting position. you move your ship by just moving the joystick either left or right and after you have positioned your ship below the alien ship you just press the fire button. If you lose your 3 lives then the game is over and you have to start again. The Rosy Space Galaxy is a space 3D action shooter. You just basically aim and shoot and try to aim for the highscore. Pretty much this game is like galaxian or galaga. A much simpler version.

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I first got this Rosy Space Galaxy a while ago. I did not pay much attention to it because I was busy at my Junk Shop. It was brought by one of my workers this afternoon and after he showed it to me, I kindly asked him to put it at the table near our door and I will take a look at it later when I close my shop. At around 7 Pm after I closed my Junk Shop I decided to take a look at it. I was surprised that it was an electronic game. At first I thought that it was an electronic handheld game but it was just to big for it. So I looked it up on the Internet and found out that it was one of a number of tabletop electronic games that was released before. The unit that I had was missing the battery enclosure and I thought that it would not work. So I went to look for some of my C sized batteries and luckily I have 4 of them. after inserting the battery I powered it up and it was working. I then played for a few minutes then I decided to clean it up first because it was full of dirt. The artwork inside was torn to pieces maybe because of its age and neglect. So I decided to just remove it. After cleaning it up I played with it for a few more times and I remembered when I was still a child playing galaga in the 80s. This Rosy Space Galaxy even if this was the first time I played it, it felt kinda nostalgic remembering your younger days playing video games. This definitely is a nice tabletop electronic game to add to someones collection.

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Video of Rosy Space Galaxy

I made a video of the Rosy Space Galaxy while I was testing it out if it works. anyhow here is the video



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