Rico J Puno is the Man!!!!!

    Rico J Puno in real life name Enrico de Jesus Puno started his musical career in the late 70s he is also called the Total Entertainer. He was one of the pioneers of Manila sound and  started the trend of incorporating Tagalog lyrics to American songs.  In the 45 record that I have he has sung a duet with Elsa Chan. Elsa Chan on the otherhand is a singer in Hong Kong and She was very popular during the 80s.
     Both the songs on side A And B are the same the difference only is the in Side A (Magkasuyo Buong Gabi) the lyrics are in Tagalog and English while on Side B (Lovers For The Night) the lyrics is in pure English. Runtime for both is about 3:52 and both were written by B Hart, B  Richards, and G. Canseco and was produced by Christian Dewalden and Danny Chung under Sunshine Records. It is Philippine pressed by Vicor Music Corporation the Mother Company of Sunshine Records. The song also came from the album Kapalaran.