Recycled Parols (Christmas Lanterns)

The start of the ber months here in the Philippines is also the signal of the start of the Christmas Season. People from all walks of life are getting ready for it. Some people start to buy gifts for their inaanaks (godson/daughter) as early as September and also for their friends and relatives. Others  Adorn their houses with Christmas decors, others start to plan out their Christmas parties, for students they are getting ready for their Christmas break. On the other hand for some people the Christmas Season is also the time for them to earn some extra income. Take for example one Magbobote (Filipino slang for someone who drives a sidecar and buys and collects trash and junk from other people) an example of a magbobote is shown below.

     The Magbobote’s name is Kopeng (just an alias). He thought of a way to recycle used neon colore Mountain Dew plastic bottles into something that will be a nice addition for Christmas. below is an example of the neon colored bottles of Mountain Dew.
     He decided to make this bottles to recycled parols (Christmas lanterns). Pictures of the lanterns are show below. For me the parols he made are beautiful. And ot just goes to show that with a little bit of ingenuity people can make trash into something beautiful and at the same time help our environment.