Got a Prosound Pocket Stereo today at the back it says that it was made in Korea. I got it for only 45 Pesos roughly 1 USD.  I think that it was manufactured between the late 1980’s to the late 1990’s. This kind of portable stereo was very common during that time because aside from the Walkman this kind of stereo is portable and people can take it anywhere and listen to an FM or AM radio frequency. You can say that this portable stereo and Walkman were the counterpart of today’s iPod and mp3 players.
The size of the Prosound Stereo Boy Portable Radio is about the size of a regular smartphone today but a bit thicker and heavier. It uses three double A sized batteries and this model also comes with a carrying case that can be clipped on a belt for ease of use. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the case but I did show it on the video I made regarding this Portable Radio. The body is made from hard plastic and for its age I think that it is very durable. There is an on and off switch and you can choose three radio frequencies the first is an AM frequency then a FM1 and FM2 radio frequency. I don’t know much about the difference between the FM1 and FM2 frequencies but here in the Philippines an AM frequency is usually used if a person wants to listen to the news and a FM frequency if you want to listen the some music. The control volume has two knob wheels that lets you control the volume for the left and right earphones. The last wheel know is used to change radio stations.
I wanted to test it out if it still would work right after one of my men sold it, but I was busy the whole day so I only got the time to check it out at around seven in the evening about thirty minutes after I closed my Junk Shop. I was looking for some batteries to use and remembered that my wife always has some spares. So I I asked her if I could borrow three pieces of batteries to check if the portable stereo would work. And as you can see in the video it is still working and it can clearly receive radio frequencies. The only problem I had was that the wheel knob for tuning in to the different radio stations was slightly bent and recessed  it was hard moving the knob and sometimes I feel that it is stock. Also in the upper right side near the tuning knob there is a slight crack at the side. I am thinking of bringing it to a radio repairman to see if the tuning know can still be fixed and maybe he can do something about the small crack. All in all for just a dollar I think that it is a steal and I can definitely use it especially during emergency situations or at times when you don’t have any access to your smartphones or mp3 players and you wanted to listen to some music or news.