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Pinoy Action Figures

Pinoy Action Figures is just a term I made for the tagalog word tau tauhan. Because I didn’t know what to call this particular toy that was a part of my childhood in english. Growing up in the 80’s up to the 90’s means that personal computers was still not that readily accessible here in the Philippines. Console gaming, arcades, and handheld gaming was just starting out here and not everyone can afford them. So kids like me in that era played other games. we usually played outside with other kids of our age. One of the games that we usually play here is tatsing. And we usually use the tau tauhan or Pinoy Action figures to play it. below is a picture of how we play the game.



Tatsing for Pinoy Action Figures

In the picture you can see that the tau tauhan or Pinoy action figures are arranged in a square  and usually other kids draw a square and put the tau tauhan or Pinoy action figures inside it. The object of the game is to hit the tau tauhan or Pinoy action figures and make them go outside the square (I forgot to draw the square.) It can po played by even 2 persons but the more the merrier.  The players also draw a straight line and that is where they are going to start aiming first. Like the kid in the picture he is on the straight line and is aiming before taking a shot at the Pinoy action figures. He uses a pamato (usually also a tau tauhan) to aim and hit them.  After he has taken a shot and a tau tauhan went outside the square he takes a shot at them again from where his pamato landed. If there are no tau tauhan that went outside the square then another player will try to hit them and the previous one will wait for his turn. The game ends after all the Pinoy action figures are outside the square. The person who is able to hit them outside gets to keep the tau tauhan.pinoy-action-figures-lot-2

Different Pinoy Action Figures


There are different Pinoy Action Figures or tau tuahan that came out. Mostly were copies of different toys or cartoons that was famous at that time. One example is the one that I have. They are Marvel characters and I think that the tau tauhan came out during the early 90’s because the cartoons that we were watching at that time was X-men, Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider Man and friends, Avengers, and the Mighty Thor. It was made from rubber and you can easily bend them. I have ten different characters and I think that I have the complete set. I got them when one customer sold it to my junkshop. there are also other tau tauhan and i will update this post or create a new one once I finish segregating them. Here are the pictures of the Different Marvel characters tau tauhan, most of them I recognize. There is one or two character that I don’t recognize. Please comment if you know the name. thanks alot. Hope you liked one of my favorite childhood toy.


the ten characters


Fire Star


Black Panther


Spider Man








Iron Man






Captain America

More Information in the game tatsing can be found here


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