Picker Junk was started to show you readers what wonderful things can be found by having and operating your own junk shop. I have found many things like vinyl records, cassette tapes, old electronic equipment and appliances, some retro game cartridges. and antiques which can still be used or still have some value to other people. In this website that I started I want to catalog everything that I find and give some information and historical background for that specific find, also it made my operating my junk shop more enjoyable and I am always looking forward to the things that my workers bring in my shop and trying to appraise and identify that particular item. It just goes to show us that the saying “Another Mans Trash is Another Mans Treasure” is real and the things the I pick are proof of it.


    Picker Junk is a term that I made up by combining picking  and junk shop. It is  just basically picking the things that I find anything interesting that comes in my shop. be it from my workers or from my  walk in customers. These are the two types were I get my items from. the walk in customers basically brings their scrap and junk here to be sold sometimes I find some interesting things from them. The other means were I get my items from are from my workers. I can also request them  to look for something in particular that I want and they go and look for it. Their means of transportation is basically called a sidecar and it is a bike with three wheels and a carrier at the right side is connected. From my shop they to different places to buy other peoples scrap and junk and they come back here form lunch to the afternoon to sort and sell their scraps to me. When they find something that I want they show it to me and I then pay them and then they earn some extra money from it.

Picker Junk Sidecar