Pentax ES2 A Classic 35mm Camera

Pentax ES2 camera

 Pentax ES2 Camera

The Pentax ES2 Camera was one of the many 35mm slr cameras that was released before. It was manufactured by Asahi Company which was later named as Pentax. It is a company from Japan and the slr camera was manufactured from 1974 up to 1976. The company stated that it was the improved version of the Pentax ES. It is one of the most affordable and compact slr cameras at that time. The Pentax models were also called Spotmatic because of its unique modified lenses that it uses. The camera is tough and reliable. This SLR camera was aimed more to the amateur market because of its lower price compared to its competitors but also professional photographers also use it.

Pentax ES2 Topview


The Pentax ES2 has an SLR body. It uses 35mm films with speeds of  20-3200 ASA. The lens mount is 42mm thread which is a Pentax default.  It weighs about 678 grams. It came in 2 colors on is pure black and the other one is a dual color of black and silver. The mirror it uses is pentaprism and fresnel lens with microprism centre, 93% coverage. It uses a focal plane shutter that is controlled electronically. And a second mechanical shutter for manual speed selection.

Pentax ES2 Leftside

My Pentax Es2

I was able to get my hands on this slr camera about two weeks ago. A worker of mine brought it together with other cameras in my Junk Shop. He was going to dismantle them and sell the parts for scraps. Good thing is that I saw him and prevented him from dismantling it. I bought about 5 of his cameras per piece and stored it in my warehouse. I forgot about the camera and just today when I was inspecting my warehouse I found it again. I decided to take pictures of it and post it here on Picker Junk. The Pentax ES2 that I have is silver and black in color. It did not come with any carrying case. There were some scratches to the body. Aside from that I can see no more problems physically. I haven’t tested if it still works because I don’t have much knowledge about cameras. And it is just now that I am starting to collect and study them.

Pentax ES2 Right Side



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