Pearl Jam VItalogy Cassette Tape

Pearl Jam Vitalogy Front Cover

Pearl Jam Vitalogy Track list

Side A

  1. Last Exit  (Abbruzzese, Gossard) 2:54
  2. Spin The Black Circle (Stone Gossard) 2:48
  3. Not For You (Vedder) 5:52
  4. Tremor ****** (Jeff Ament, Mike McCready) 4:12
  5. Nothingman (Ament) 4:35
  6. Whipping (Vedder) 2:35
  7. Pry, To (Abbruzzesse, Gossard, McCready, Ament, Vedder) 2:58

Side B

  1. Corduroy (Vedder) 4:37
  2. Bugs (Vedder) 2:45
  3. S***n’s Bed (Gossard) 3:31
  4. Better Man (Vedder) 4:28
  5. Aye Davanita (Abbruzzesse, Gossard, McCready, Ament, Vedder) 2:58
  6. Immortality (Vedder) 5:28
  7. Stupid Mop (Abbruzzesse, Gossard, McCready, Ament, Vedder) 7:44


Pearl Jam VItalogy Cassette Tape


The album of Pearl Jam Vitalogy is their third studio album. It was released on November 22, 1994 through Epic Record. Here in the Philippines the one who distributed the cassette tapes were Megastar Record. it is a subdivision of Sony Music Entertainment. The songs in the album has different tunes ranging from heavy rock and roll to ballad.  You can say that it is Pear Jam’s first experimental album and they did it perfectly. the media that was used in the album’s first release was vinyl. Then after awhile a CD and cassette tape versions followed. The album peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200 in 1994 proving that this album s one of the best that Pearl Jam has produced. Even though the album was a success it was also the time when the band members hit an all time low especially in the communication department. Because of all of the problems that were happening in the band. Vedder started to make all the final decision, Gossard wanted to quit, Abbruzze was fired, and McCready went to rehab. With all that was happening they were able to finish the album and made it one of the fastest selling albums in history proving that Pearl Jam is really a great band. The artwork for the cover was very simple and they based it on a book that is why it looks somewhat like a book cover. Furthermore they said that the album was supposed to be named life but they decided to change it to Vitalogy. Vitalogy means the study of life. The cassette tape that I have also contains a booklet. The contents of the booklet was very diversified in which it contains some discussion on health, reflections o life and death, loss of  a love one, even some poems and song lyrics were also included. If ever you’re looking for a Pearl Jam album to listen to you should definitely check this cassette tape album out. you will see a side of Pearl Jam that will shape the band as it is today.