NES-talgic gaming

     Got some NES game cartridge today. Nintendo Entertainment System of NES for short is a game console by manufactured by Nintendo during the 80’s. It has sold milions of unit worldwide and up to now there are collectors looking and buying a console and its games.
      Today someone sold some plastic scraps and I paid him per kilo. When one of my men was segregating the scraps he found these four NES games and gave it to me. The games were Excitebike, Kungfu Heroes, Baseball Stars, and The Legend of Zelda. How I wish I still had a console to try this games out if it still would work. Looking at the casing the Zelda game isnthe that has some aging issues and Baseball Star has some discoloration the other two games still looks good.
     The Legend of Zelda was released during the year 1986 in Japan and 1987 in the US and it was the first of many games of the same title that would follow. It centers around a boy named Link the main protagonist  and the world of Hyrule. It is a roleplaying type of game with some dungeon exploration and puzzle solving elements. This game had a huge following and up to now there are still many who plays this game.
     Kung Fu Heroes is a overhead beat em up game published by Nihon Game on 1986 in Japan and Culture Brain on 1988 in North America. It can be played by two players simultaneously . It is a direct import of the arcade game Chinese Hero.
     Excitebike was the game that I always played when I was kid. I really loved this game. I would play it for hours and never get tired of playing it. It was released on 1984 in Japan and 1985 in North America and is published by Hudson Soft. It is a motocross racing game where one or two players can play. The game has a certain time limit that you should beat to be able to go to the next stage.
     Baseball Stars was published by SNK and it was released in 1989 in the US and Japan. It is a baseball vidoe game that you can play single player or multi player it was a port the arcade game of the same title and people say that it was the best baseball game for the console.