Nat King Cole Sings Again

     Found this in the 45 record bin today. Nat King Cole Sings is the title of the Ep. It was released in 1954 under Capital Records. All of the songs included in this 45 record were covers that was sang by Nat King Cole. This particular record peaked at the US Billboard at number five. He started his musical career in 1935 as a leading jazz pianist then as a singer. He also was given many awards throughout his career.
    Side One of the record had Nat Kong Cole play with Nelson Riddle. Riddle was a composer and arranger and orchestrator. He worked for Capitol Records and that was how Nat King Cole and Nelson Riddle was able to play together. The first song in their record is entitled If I Give You My Heart. Tracktime is 3:05. It was written by Crane l, Jacobs, and Brewster. The second song is entitled Hold My Hand. Tracktime is 3:09 and was written by Richard Myers and Jack Lawrence.
     Side two of the record has Nat King Cole teaming up with Billy May and his orchestra. Billy May was a compose, arranger, and trumpeter. He also worked for Capitol Records along with Cole. The first song in this side of the record is entitled Papa Loves Mambo. Tracktime is about 2:40 and was written by Hoffman, Manning, and Reichner. The second song is entitled Teach Me Tonight. Tracktime is 2:30 and was written by Sammy Cahn and Gene de Paul.