My Filipino Baby Ernest Tubb

     Got to listen to another 45 vinyl record today. It is by DECCA Records and is US pressed. The artist is American Ernest Tubb and he was active from the years 1936 to 1982. People also call him the Texas Troubador and he was one of the pioneers of the genre of country music and honky tonk. He was a singer songwriter and also a bandleader. He is also a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.
    The cover has some old age issues because I think that this records was fro  the late 40’s to the early 50’s. Tearing is present in the upper and lower part of the cover and also skme tearing in front and back. The record on the other hand has been preserved well. Their was no visible scratches and no background noise when I played it. The only thing I did was to clean it with soap and water. Then wiped it clean with cotton cloth.
     Side A has two song included. The first one is entitled Filipino Baby. Tracktime is about 3:15 and was released in 1946. It was written by Billy Cox and Clarke Van Ness. The second song is entitled Till The End Of The World. Tracktime is about 2:46 and was released in 1949. It was written by Vaugh Horton.
     B side also has two songs. The first one is Seaman’s Blues. Tracktime is 3:39 and was released in 1948. It was written by Billy Tubb. The second song on this side is entitled Slipping Around. Tracktime is about 3:04 and was released in 1949. It was written by Floyd Tillman.