Mike Hanopol Laki Sa Layaw Jeproks

      Looking for some records to listen to today. Found another of Mike Hanopol‘s 45 vinyl record today. A brief information and history of him is written on my other post about his 45 vinyl record. The 45 record is under the Blackgold Record Label. And the songs were also included in his LP Awiting Pilipino (Songs of Filipinos.) The record was kept in good condition, there was no visible signs of scratches or and just needed some cleaning before I played it. surface noise was hardly noticeable at all.
    The first song in this 45 record is entitled Laki Sa Layaw Jeproks. Tracktime is about 2:57, it was written and arranged by Mike Hanopol and produced by Nilsan Productions. Laki Sa Layaw Jeporks basically means being raised as a spoiled child. Jeproks on the other hand is a transpose syllable of the word project. The song is one of the biggest hit of MIke Hanopol’s career. The song basically states that there are people who grew up rich and spoiled and that these people are braggart and abusive. He is also wondering if there would come a time if these people will change for the better and have a good change of heart.
     The second song in his 45 record is entitled Baguhin Ang Mundo. Tracktime is 4:29, it was written and arranged by Mike Hanopol and produced by Nilsan Productions. Baguhin Ang Mundo in English means to change the world. The songs wants us to change for the better because he thinks that people now are being greedy, prideful, hateful, and hotheaded. If we could only change ourselves and realize the bad effects that we are doing in our world, then we can change it and make our world a better and peaceful place to live in.