Mike Hanopol Kayabangan

     Mike Hanopol is one of the members of the Philippine legendary rock band Juan Dela Cruz. He was the former bass guitarist of the group. They were one of the pioneers of rock music in the Philippines. The two songs in this 45 record was both written by Mike Hanopol and produced by Nilsan Productions. It is also pressed in the Philippines by Blackgold Records. Both of the two songs were released in his LP Awiting Pilipino in the 1970’s.
      Side A has the Song Kayabangan. In English it means Egotism. The run time is about 2:55. It mainly tackles the issue of a person who is an egotist and nothing ever happens to the things that he does. All he has is his ego and he has nothing to show for it.
  Side B has the song Ano Kayang Mangyayari. In english it means What Will Happen. Runtime is about 3:56. He basically has questions to what is happening in the world and he is trying to find the answer. In the first verse he also states that he experienced many things and he has been to many places but still there is now answer to what is happening in this world.
     I liked both of the songs that is included in this 45 record. Not only does it has nice tunes but also a deep meaning to anyone who will listen to the lyrics. If you are into Pinoy Rock I would really recommend this 45 record. Regarding the record that i got there are ony minor scratches to it and the label has experienced some wear. When I played it on my turntable it just played fine with slight background noise.