Michael Jordan Trading Cards

         Michael Jordan trading cards. Picked some NBA Trading Cards yesterday. As in I literally picked it out of our garbage bin. Yesterday afternoon while I was walking around our junkshop and inspecting my workers. I saw an album in our garbage bins. I thought that it was a photo album so I went there to pick it up and I thought maybe I could see some interesting pictures. Lo and behold what I saw was an album full of NBA trading cards. I immediately asked my workers who was the one who threw it. All of them said that they did not now who it was. I waited until today to know who the person who threw it and at least pay him some money for the cards. Up to now none knows who threw it.
      There were at least 30 pieces of NBA cards in the album the most notable was the cards of Michael Jordan. There were 6 pieces of his cards and I was planning to remove them in their protector to take pictures of them individually but I decided not to because I might damage them. I don’t know the value of each of the cards but I know that if I decide to sell it I can sell it easily because its Michael Jordan’s card. For now I will just keep it for myself and I am not in a hurry to sell it.
         For those of you who don’t know who Michael Jordan is. He was a Professional Basketball player. He played in the NBA and has won numerous awards like winning six NBA Championships and Five Regular Season MVP and Six Championship MVPs. He was also the rookie of the year in 1985. And made NBA All Star appearances. Most people say that he is the greatest player who has ever played the game of basketball. The Trading Cards were printed by Upper Deck, NBA Hoops, and Fleer.