Michael Jackson Ben

     This is another 45 record of Michael Jackson. Both of the songs was from the LP entitled The Best Of Michael Jackson. It was released on 1975 under the now defunct Motown Records. The vinyl that I have is pressed in the Philippines by Vicor Music Corporation under license by Motown Records Corporation.
     Side A has the song Happy. Full title is Happy (Love Theme From The Lady Sings The Blues.) It was written by Michael Legrand and Smokey Robinson. Its runtime is 3:22.
      Side B has the song Ben. It was written by Don Black and Walter Sharf. Runtime is 2:41. It was used as a soundtrack for the movie of the same title. It was also Jackson’s first solo hit in the US (wikipedia.)
     This is the first 45 record that I actually liked the B side song more than the A Side. I can say that Ben is one of the best songs that He has sung.