Marathon 2000 R Typewriter

     Got another typewriter today. This one is a Marathon 2000 Typewriter. The only information that I found is that this model is made in Korea and was produced between the late 70s to the 80s. it is made of steel and plastic and is a portable model. Some of this models have Korean characters in it, mine only has english characters. I just went out to buy some food when I got back I found it laying around at my warehouse ready to be dismantled by one of my worker, good thing is that I was able to stop him from taking it apart.  Upon closer look on the plastic case cover there is a mark of the name of the previous owner and there is no dents only wear and some dirt accumulating. It just need some cleaning to look to much better. The unit itself just needs to be cleaned and there were no problems that I have encountered. Everything is working perfectly fine. It just needs a new ribbon in order for it to be used again.