Mamiya Sekor 500 DTL VIntage Camera

mamiya sekor 500 DTL Front


The Mamiya Sekor SLR cameras using the 42mm threaded mount were introduced in the latter part of the 60’s. It was made in Japan and there were different models available. They have the same body constitution and the only difference was the shutter speed. There was also 2 models for the Mamiya Sekor 500 it was the TL (through the lens) and DTL (dual through the lens) light metering. the model 500 also lacks a self-timer.

mamiya sekor camera leather case

The Mamiya Sekor cameras comes with a leather carrying case or the one that I got has one. It even has a case for the additional lens. It was made form genuine leather and the bottom can be threaded to lock the camera in place. and the upper case can easily be opened and the lock it uses are button pins. The case for the additional lens that I got had a stuck zipper and I had to slowly force it to open. It was also attached to the neck strap but one of the leather that holds it was cut in the middle so I had to be very careful not to damage it some  more.


mamiya sekor camera lens


Above is a picture of the camera with the extender lens detached. As you can see the size of the lens is almost as big as the camera itself. This would enable anyone to take a picture in a longer range. Below are some picture of the camera with the extender lens attached and the normal lens.

mamiya sekor extender lens


mamiya sekor camera normal lens

The lens on the Mamiya Sekor 500 DTL camera can be detached. I thought at first that it was broken because this is the first time that I had a camera like this. You just need to turn the lens counterclockwise to remove it and clockwise to attach it again. The extender lens can easily be attached at the camera and the normal lens. You just remove the normal lens and insert the extender lens first in the camera body then attach the normal lens to the extender. The body of the Mamiya Sekor 500 DTL camera that I bought was showing signs of age but it was still in good condition. The previous owner really took great care of it. there were minimal signs of scratches and only needed some wiping to make it look presentable. haven’t tried it if it still works because honestly I don’t know how to use it. I will just ask some of my photographer friends to take a look at it and see if it still would work.