Kodak Instamatic 133 Camera A Classic

kodak instamatic 133 camera


Kodak Instamatic 133 camera was made by Kodak in 1968 and it was manufactured in Germany by Kodak AG and also in Britain by Kodak Ltd. it uses 126 films  which are very hard to come by now because with the advent of digital photography most films were discontinued. The Kodak Instamatic 133 camera was a member of the series of instamatics that was made by Kodak. The series were made to be inexpensive so that many people at that time would be able to afford it. Their plan worked and it became a big hit at that  time and other camera manufactures tried to imitate their success. The Kodak Instamatic 133 also has a flashcube socket that can be used to add a flash. It was design by Alexander Dow and the body structure by Kenneth Grange. The Kodak Instamatic 133 was very compact and very lightweight. it was made from hard plastic and I think the metal part is made from zinc. It was a sturdy and well built camera that would last a long time. It was usually the young people of the 70’s were the ones who own this camera because it was inexpensive any sort of people at that time can have one for them.

The Kodak Instamatic 133 camera that I got was brought to me by one of the owners of a junk shop that sells their scraps for me. He said that they found it mixed with other plastic scraps that  was sold to them. the top part of the camera that i have was damaged wherein you can see a large crack near the flash adaptor. Other than that there were other problems that can be seen physically. I immediately cleaned the camera because when I saw it first it was very dirty and needed some cleaning. I don’t know if it still works because you will need a film for it, but it was discontinued a long time ago. It would be better to make it a display piece for you house or office.