Kodak Camera VR35 just point and shoot it!

kodak camera vr35


The Kodak camera vr35 series was a line of 35mm point and shoot cameras. It was first introduced in 1986 marking the return of Kodak to marking the company’s return to making 35mm cameras after 17 years of absence. It had different models and users can choose depending on their preference and skill. Some models have no built in flash and manual wind. While others have built in flash and auto wind. Some have motor drive, auto focus, and auto exposure. The Kodak Camera VR35 series was manutactured until 1993. The countries where it was manufactured were Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The Kodak Camera V35 that I bought was a K5 model. It is a fully motorized fixed focus camera. It alsp has a threaded socket for cable release in the shutter button. It has a pop up flash that can easily be enbled with a switch near the lens. The film type it uses is 135. It’s shutter size is 1/125. Lens size is 38mm. And the picture size is 24x36mm. The camera that I have has a made in Hong Kong print at the base.

I got this Kodak Camera when one of my workers brought me 5 different cameras and one of them was this VR35 K5 model. While I was inspecting it I noticed that the flash doesn’t pop up when the trigger for it is pushed. I think that there is something wrong with the mechanism. I then inspected the body and it doesn’t show any physical damage. It just needed some cleaning. This can be done by just wiping it with cotton cloth. I don’t know if the internal mechnism still works because I don’t have any available films to try it out. Also when I put on the baterried it did power up. The lens was still clear and there were no scratches on it. This can be a good piece to add to one’s collection.



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