Kiss Lick It Up Album The Unmasking

kiss lick it up album

Kiss Lick It Up Track List

Side One

  1. Exciter (Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent) 4:10
  2. Not For The Innocent (Gene Simmons, Vincent) 4:22
  3. Lick It Up (Stanley, Vincent) 3:56
  4. Young And Wasted (Simmons, Vincent) 4:05
  5. Gimme More (Stanley, Vincent) 3:43

Side Two

  1. All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose (Eric Carr, Stanley, Simmons, Vincent) 4:34
  2. A Million To One (Stanley, Vincent) 4:17
  3. Fits Like A Glove (Simmons) 4:04
  4. Dance All Over Your Face (Simmons) 4:16
  5. And On the Eight Day (Simmons Vincent) 4:02

Kiss Lick It Up is their eleventh studio album. It was released in September 18 1983. On the day of the release, the band appeared on MTV without their trademark makeup on. This was the first time that they did it. This was also the first album where they officially welcome their new guitarist Vinnie Vincent, despite appearing unofficially in their last album Creatures Of The Night. Kiss Lick It Up album was a follow on to their previous one Creatures Of The Night. Even though their previous one didn’t do well Lick It Up fared much better. It was certified gold on December 22, 1983. and it marked the band’s comeback as one of the the premier rock bands of their time.

Kiss Lick It Up became a certified platinum on December 19, 1990. It was placed number 10 on Guitar’s World Reader for the best guitar albums of 1983. Kerrang also listed it in number 3 for the best hard  rock album of 1983. The album also helped them make a resurgence because their last few album was a commercial disappointment. With their new album released and their unmasking, Many old fans got interested with the band again. It also brought in new fans and they would call it the unmasking era. As of 2005 the album has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.



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