King Elvis is Here!!!

     Found a 45 vinyl record of The King Of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley in my tray of vinyls and decided to listen to it. The vinyl record needed some cleaning because it was dirty. Used some water and detergent to remove the stains and wiped it with cotton cloth. It did remove some of the dirt but not all. There were some background noise but hardly noticeable once Elvis is singing. The 45 vinyl that I have is Philippine Pressed by Filipinas Record Corporation under licensed by Radio Corporation Of America (RCA.)
     Some background of Elvis Presley first. He was born July 8, 1935 in Mississipi USA and died on August 16, 1977 at Memphis Tennessee. He was an actor and a singer and the genre of his songs are rock and roll, pop, blues, gospel, and rhythm and blues. He is one of the very successful musicians in any generation and up till now still many people idolize him.
     The first song on the record is entitled Love Me Tender. Tracktime is 2:41 and it was released on August 24, 1956. It was written by Presley and Matson and used for the movie of the same title under 20th Century-Fox CinemaScope Production its musical genre is country music.  The song is also a musical adaptation of the song the Civil War Song by  Aura Lee and was published during 1861. For me the song says that Elvis is inlove and the girl also loves him. He is complete because of that and he just wants to stay with her forever.
     The second song on this 45 record is entitled Heartbreak Hotel. Tracktime is 2:08 and was released on January 27, 1956. It was written by Aston, Durdon, and Presley. The musical genre it mostly belongs to is rock and roll, blues, and country. The lyrics was inspired by a lonely man who jumped of a hotel window and commited suicide. The song has also garnered a number of awards. For me the song is about a heartbroken man that is dealing with depression and he just can’t get over the woman. So whatever he does and wherever he goes he just can’t forget her. And the only release of that emotion is to kill himself. I think that is why the song is entitled Heartbreak Hotel.