Kalis Blade of unknown origin

kalis blade sword and scabbard

This Kalis Blade cane in my possession two days ago when one of my workers brought it during lunchtime. I had just finished eating my lunch and when I went back to my junk shop. He was riding his sidecar and was screaming “kuya kuya may papakita ko sayong espada!” rough translation “brother brother I have a sword to show you!” So I immediately asked him to show me what sword it was. When I saw it I said that it wasn’t a sword but a kris. I examined it closely and the scabbard and the handle was made of wood. I asked one of our carpenters what type of wood it was and he said that it was made from narra. The blade was made from steel and it was showing signs of rust. There was also some brass at the handle.

kalis blade main

kalis blade scabbard

I immediately went to measure and weigh the Kalis Blade and here are its measurements.

Entire Kalis From tip of the handle up to the tip of the scabbard 46.5 inches.

The scabbard from its opening to the tip 38.75 inches

The sword from the tip of the handle up to the tip of the sword 44 inches

The blade starting from near the handle up to its tip 36 inches.

The entire Kalis Blade with its scabbard weighs 2.8 kilos.

The scabbard weighs 1 kilo

The blade with its handle weighs 1.8 kilos.

kalis blade inside scabbard

After weighing and measuring the Kalis Blade, I then went to post it in one of the picker groups here in the Philippines asking for its origins and its authenticity. Then some of the local members of our Facebook group commented and even messaged me about this blade. They said that I got the name wrong. Because kris were usually shorter and are called knives. The one that I have they said is called a Kalis because of its length. Some say that it might be a ceremonial blade because of its length. Also they said that it was authentic but it was not made here in the Philippines. I asked why they said that you can tell by the design if its was made here. They said that maybe the Kalis Blade was from Malaysia or Indonesia. So I immediately went to thr Internet to do a little more research regarding this blade but I can’t seem to find any. If any of you readers has some knowledge of its origin can you please comment or message me here so that I will have additional knowledge regarding this Kalis Blade






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