Iron Maiden Album “Somewhere In Time”

Iron Maiden Album Somewhere in Time Front

Iron Maiden Album “Somewhere In Time” Tracklist

Side One

  1. Caught Somewhere In Time (Steve Harris)  7:22
  2. Wasted Years (Adrian Smith) 5:06
  3. Sea Of Madness (Smith) 5:42
  4. Heaven Can Wait (Harris) 7:24

Side Two

  1. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner (Harris) 6:31
  2. Stranger In A Strange Land (Smith) 5:43
  3. Deja-Vu (Dave Murray, Harris) 4:55
  4. Alexander The Great (Harris) 8:35

Iron Maiden Album Somewhere in Time Back


The Iron Maiden ALbum “Somewhere In Time” was the band’s sixth studio album. It was released on September 29, 1986. EMI was the one who released it on Europe and its sister label Capitol Records for North America. The album was produced by Martin Birch. The copy that I have come from Capitol Records and was pressed in the US. This album was the first time the band used guitar synthesizers. The Iron Maiden Album “Somewhere In Time” was the band’s follow-up to their highly successful studio album Powerslave/ Live After Death album. It was also the first time where their vocalist Bruce Dickinson’s material was refused in favor the songs of guitarist Adrian Smith. It showed Smith’s creative side and the songs in the album were mostly written by him. At first fans had mixed review regarding the album. some say that they were sellouts for using synth but the others applauded the band for using them. It was also their first studio album that wasn’t released a year after their previous album. This Iron Maiden Album was one of their most expensive record. The bass and drums was recorded in the Bahamas. The guitar and vocals was recorded in the Netherlands. And the mixing took place in New York. The cover artwork of the album featured a futuristic cyborg enhanced Eddie  and was done by Derek Riggs.


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