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     I asked my workers yesterday morning to find me some antique bottles and I would buy it from them. They asked me what I wanted I said that any antique bottle would do but I prefer soft drink and beer bottles. When afternoon came one of my worker was shouting that he found me not only one but eighteen pieces of antique root beer bottles. So I went to see what kind of bottle it was. I saw that the bottles was named IBC Root Beer and it was the first time I saw those kinds of bottles. I said to my worker that I will look it up in the Internet first to see if it was antique or not. After some searching I found out that these bottles were fairly new and it is not available locally here in the Philippines and it is imported from the US. Because of its uniqueness I decided to keep it in my new collection and I just gave my worker some lunch money for his trouble.
IBC Rootbeer Bottle
Bottle Cap
     Independent Breweries Company or IBC for short was founded in 1919 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It was a group that consisted of different breweries around the area. The IBC Root Beer brand was founded by the Griesediecks Family. It eventually closed and was purchased by the Kranzberg Family who operated Northwestern Bottling Company. The in the 1930 was sold to the National Bottling Company which is owned by the Shucart family.
     In 1976 IBC was then sold to Talyor Beverages which in 1980 was sold to Seven-Up Company. Then in 1986 Dr. Pepper and Seven-Up merged and was later acquired by Cadbury Shweppes in 1995 and was distributed nationally in the United States.

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Six Pack
18 piece bottle

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