Just found this 45 record in my vinyls. Hotdog was one of the pioneers of Manila Sound in the 70s and eventually OPM. They were very active in the music scene from the early 70s up to the late 80s before disbanding because the members wanted to pursue solo careers. The Band was under RCA Records and the record was pressed here in the Philippines under Vicor Music Corporation. Both of the songs included in this 45 were from their LP Inspiration. Hotdog was one of the bands from the 70s the I know of and up to now people listen to their songs with much enthusiasm.
     Side A contains the song Manila. Runtime is about 2:50 and it was written by Rene Garcia and Dennis Garcia also he was the one who produced it. Manila is basically a song about the Singer/Narrator’s love for Manila. Manila is the Capital of the Philippines. The man also says that he has been to many places but the one place the he will ever go back to is Manila. And wherever he goes he feels that he doesn’t belong and the only place for him to feel secured is Manila that is why he is coming back home. For me this song really does reflect some of my fellow Filipinos who are working abroad. Basically because of the need to work they go to other countries but in their minds and their hearts they always long to go back to the Philippines to stay here for good.
     Side B contains the song  Ako’y Hindi Anghel (I am Not an Angel.) Runtime is about 2:35 and was produced by Dennis Garcia and written by him and his brother Rene. Basically it is about a girl loving someone and she says that she is not an angel if it means that she can love him. Even if she suffers in hell it is ok as long as she and the boy will be able to love each other. I think that the song is about forbidden love and even if she face trials and hardships as long as they ate together she is ok with it
     This record is definitely one that I liked because of the song Manila. Because of its catchy tunes ans the way the song conveys ones love for his country. Definitely one of the 45 records you can add to your collection. You’ll never get tired of playing the song Manila over and over again.