Hotdog Annie Batungbakal

     Listened to another 45 Vinyl Record Today. It was by the band Hotdog, they were also A Filipino Band and a pioneer of Manila Sound and OPM (Original Pilipino Music.) The songs were included in the LP Wea Various Artists Vol. 1. Some of he artist in the said LP includes Hotdog, Celeste, Wadab, Red Hot, Tillie Moreno and Rey-an Fuentes, Gabriel, and Richard Tan.
    The first song in this 45 vinyl record is titled Di Na Kita Iiwan. Tracktime is 4:20, it was written by D. Garcia and R. Garcia and produced by Dennis Garcia and arranged by Rene Garcia. Di Na Kita Iiwan Muli in English means I Will Never Leave You Again. the song  is about a woman who left a man and they got back together again. She made a promise to the man that he will never leave him again.

The second song in this 45 vinyl record is titled Annie Batungbakal. Tracktime is 3:03, it was written, produced, and arranged by the same persons as the first song. The song is about a girl named Annie who works hard in the morning and loves to go to the disco at night. She forgets her problems and doesn’t have a care in the world whenever she goes at the disco.