Here comes the Brass Ducks!!!

     Having a slow day today at my junkshop. I have been waiting for some items that people would sell to my junkshop that I can post here. Then before our lunch break this man came in and sold me these Vintage brass ducks. I bought it for the price of scrap brass which is 150 Philippine Pesos per kilo or roughly 3.3 USD. The weight of the two ducks was 0.8 kilos and I paid him 120 Pesos (2.6 USD.) It came disassembled and then i just attached the head of the umbrella. I then looked it up on thr internet to find some information about them and I found out that in some sited these ducks sells for 300-800 Pesos (6.6-17.7 USD.)
     The brass ducks were of course very dirty with some cobwebs on them. I just wiped them with cotton cloth before I took the pictures that I uploaded here. One of the ducks has just an umbrella and the other one has three ducks on a boat and the big one is also holding an umbrella. This will be a good part for a collection especially if you are into brass antiques or vintage decorations for your house or office. One of my men said that i should polish them for it to look brand new. I said that if we polished them the vintage look will be gone and its appeal would be lost.