Guns N Roses Lies Cassette Tape

Guns N Roses Lies Track List

Side A:

  1. Reckless Life (Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Chris Weber) 3:20
  2. Nice Boys (Angry Anderson, Mick Cocks, Geordie Leach) 3:03
  3. Move To The City (Rose, Slash, Stradlin, Del James, Chris Weber) 3:42
  4. Mama Kin (Steven Tyler) 3:57

Side B:

  1. Patience (Stradlin) 5:56
  2. Used To Love Her (Stradlin, Rose) 3:13
  3. You’re Crazy (Rose, Stradlin, Slash) 4:10
  4. One In A Million (Rose) 6:10

Guns N Roses Lies

Guns N Roses Lies was the Band’s second studio album and it was released in 1988. Originally  it was released as an EP (Extended Play) but when it was released it was treated as a studio album. the EP has sold over five million copies in the US alone. Three of their songs in the album were cover songs from other bands. Reckless Life was from the band Hollywood Rose, Nice Boys from Rose Tattoo, and Mama Kin from Aerosmith. the other five songs on the other hand  were originally written and sung by them and the last four of the songs were all recorded with acoustic guitars . One of the acoustic version song was  entitled You’re Crazy from the album Appetite for Destruction. Half of the song of the Guns N Roses Lies Album came from their EP Live Like A Suicide and it was released in 1986. The song Patience  was the only song in the Guns N Roses Lies album that was released as a single and it peaked at the US Billboard Top 100 at number four. The cover for the album is styled like a tabloid newspaper and it mainly focuses on the songs of the album. The Guns N Roses Lies album was first released in Vinyl then in Cassette Tape, and later on in CD form. The cassette tape cover came from the second or third version of their Vinyl Album Copy and only the front cover was shown. Some of the songs in this album was very controversial and it really made headlines at that time. But if you are a fan of Guns N Roses this is a nice album to add to your collection.