Freddie Jackson You Are My Lady

    Can’t sleep decided to listen to another record. This time It is Freddie Jackson’s 45 vinyl record. He is an American soul singer also an important figure in rnb during the 80’s and the early 90’s. The picture for the cover was the same for the front and back. The one I had has a large tear in the front cover and the record on the otherhand was in good condition. Didn’t even neednto clean it before playing it.
    Both of his songs from this 45 came from his LP Rock Me Tonight which debuted in 1985 in the USA. this 45 was released by Capitol Records. The first single in this record is You Are My Lady. Tracktime is 4:07, it was written and produced by Barry Eastmond. It peaked at number one in the US rnb charts. The second single is I Wanna Say I Love You. Tracktime is 2:45 abd was written by Freddie Jackson and Barry Eastmond. Eastmond was also the one who produced it.