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freddie aguilar sariling atin

 Freddie Aguilar

Freddie Aguilar is a Filipino singer and a songwriter. The main genre of his songs are Folk, Manila Sound, Opm, and Rock. He was one of the pioneers of Manila Sound during the Seventies. He is a well known musician not only here in the Philippines but also internationally. Freddie Aguilar songs mostly deals with social and political problems that we or he is facing during that time. Even now we can relate the social and political problems that we are facing now to his songs. He is also a well known political activist during the Marcos Regime leading to the EDSA People Power Revolution. He even had songs about the Christian and Muslim clash in our country. During the Marcos Regime most of his songs or Freddie Aguilar himself was banned from performing in mainstream media because the  song criticized the excesses of the Government and their wrong doings. He has also received a number of awards locally and internationally.

Sariling Atin Vinyl Album

Freddie Aguilar released his vinyl album entitled Sariling Atin in 1988. it received gold and platinum awards.  It was released under Alpha Records. The copyright for the album and the songs were under Aguilar Music Publishing. The vinyl record album was produced by Freddie Aguilar. All the songs were written by Freddie Aguilar and arranged by Sunny Ilacad, Abraham Rey – Hipolito and himself. the musicians who played were Freddie Aguilar for acoustic guitar. Sunny Ilacad for keyboard, drums, and bass guitar. Abraham Rey – Hipolito for electric and acoustic guitar. Rey “Eggpie” De Castro for the banduria. Benjie Bautista for the violin. Back up Vocals were Dolly Del Rosario, Jake Genese, Abraham Rey – Hipolito, and Freddie Aguilar. The vinyl record album was recorded at Mike Pedero’s Tracks Recording Studios. Cover Design was done by Rudy Retanan and Photography by Romeo Peralta of Roper. The fornt cover of the vinyl record album shows a picture of Freddie Aguilar an acoustic guitar. With his name on top and the name of the album just below it. The back cover shows the songs and the lyrics of the album with some guitar notes to help people who wants to play his songs with a guitar. There were also some random pictures of Freddie Aguilar and at the bottom the people who were responsible for the vinyl record was mentioned.

freddie aguilar sariling atin back

Track List Of The Vinyl Record Album

Side One

  1. Sariling Atin (4:15) (Our Own)
  2. Huwag (4:19) (Don’t)
  3. Himig (3:35) (Tune)
  4. Sa Kubikiran (3:14) (In The Farm)
  5. Sayang Imelda (4:10) (Pity Imelda)

Side Two

  1. Estudyante Blues (2:38) (Student Blues)
  2. Guro (4:35) (Teacher)
  3. Magsaysay Olongapo (4:06) (Same)
  4. Huwad Na Kalayaan (4:53) (A False Freedom)
  5. Sariling Atin (Reprise ) (2:55) (Our Own)

Some Insight About The Songs

Sariling Atin (Our Own) for me the song states that we Filipinos praise and love anything that is foreign. That is why we don’t even give time to appreciate ourselves. He is  stating that we should love and cherish what we have before others.

Huwag (don’t) It basically says that we should stop hurting the ones we love. And we should take care of them. He also had a duet with another singer named Coritha.

Himig (Tune) It is about a song that the singer is offering to someone that he loves.

Sa Kabukiran (In the  Farm) It basically tell how people live in the farm.

Sayang Imelda (Pity Imelda) It is about a woman hurting the man he loves.

Estudyante Blues (Student Blues) basically the song is about the everyday problems that students face.

Guro (Tecaher) It is about someone who teaches one about what life is.

Magsaysay Olongapo it is about a place were a person finds a job that he is happy with.

Huwad Na Kalayaan (A False Freedom) This song is about the Philippines who people fought for independence but instead got a false freedom from. This song has a political theme in it.

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