Frank Sinatra

Just listened to Frank Sinatra’s 45 today. It is Philippine pressed by Mareco Inc under license by Reprise Records. All I remember about Franks Sinatra is his song I Did It My Way and Let Me try Again. I think the songs in this record was released in the 70s.
     Side A has the song Let Me Try Again. And it was written by Frank Sinatra. I think basically says that the man is just asking for another chance. And he is regretting his decision of doubting and leaving her. So he is just asking for one chance to be together again.
     Side B has the song Winners. It was written by J. Raposo. This was the first time that i heard this song and I can say is that itnis a song about celebration. And the record for the most part just needed some cleaning and there was no visible scratches and background noise.