Just Tell Me You Love Me England Dan And John Ford Coley

     Got to hear this 45 record today. The song title is Just Tell Me You Love Me by England Dan and John Ford Coley. Runtime is about 3:00. The 45 that I got is Philippine pressed by Alpha Records Corporation under licensed by MCA Records.
     England Dan & John Ford Coley were childhood friends from Texas. The genre of their songs is mostly pop rock and soft rock. England Dan’s real name is Danny Wayland while John Ford Coley’s real name is John Edward Coley. They were very active from the early 70s to the early 80s before disbanding and going their seperate career paths.
     A side has the song that was performed by England Dan & John Ford Coley while the B side has a complete instrumental of the same song. The song was composed by Carol Connors and Dick Halligan. The song came from the album Just Tell Me You Love Me which is also the title of the movie it was released in 1980.
     For me the song basically says that the man is longing for the love of someone and he just wants to hear the words I Love You from that person. Unfortunately that person doesnt ever say I Love You the man. The record that i got has some scratches but the label is still fine. Played it on my turntable and it still sounds great.