Dingdong Avanzado

     If you are from the 80’s Generation here in the Philippines you would definitely know who Dingdong Avanzado is. For those who are from the new generation he is a singer, actor, and lately a politician. He is also married to Jessa Zaragoza. He started his singing career during the late 80s and peaked during the 90s.
     While I was browsing my tray of 45 records a little while ago I found this 45 record of Dingdong Avanzado and being an 80s kid I decided to listen and post his record.
     Both Side A and Side B has the same song Basta’t Kasama kita (its Enough That I am With You.) The only difference is that in Side A Dingdong Avanzado sings the song and on Side B it is only a minus one. It was produced by Benjie Carreon, composed by Greg Caro, and arrange by Greg Caro and Homer Flores. Runtime is about 4:30. It is Philippine pressed under Dyna Records. The singer basically says that whenever he and the girl is apart he is always anxious and is always looking for her. And whenever they are together the happiness that he feels is indescribable. And it is enough that they are always together. He could feel that he can do anything if they are together and he would give everything to her and he does not need  and is not looking for anything. Being together with her is enough. The last part of the song states that he is hoping that they would stay together forever if not he feels that everything that defines him will be gone.