Debarge Rhythm of the Night

     Debarge is a group composed of siblings. The group was active during the late 70s up to the early 90s. The songs they sing are mainly soul, rnb, and pop. They were under the Motown record label. And I think that the one that I have is Philippine pressed and distributed by Octoarts International.
     Side A has the song Rhythm of the Night and it was written by Diane Warren and was produced by Richard Perry. It was first released as one of the sountracks for the movie The Last Dragon during the year 1985. I just finished listening to it and it has a very catchy beat  makes you wanna dance. Also I remembered hearing this song when I was just a kid. This song is one of the most popular song of the group maybe the most popular. And think this is what catapulted their career to stardom.
     On Side B you have the song Hesitated. It was produced by Bobby Debarge and was written by Randy and Mark Debarge. This was the first time for me hearing this particular song and for me it was ok but not as good as Rhythm of the Night.
     The record the I have is very clean no molds or scratches. I just wiped it with cotton cloth then played it on my turntable. There was no background noise. Even the label feels like brand bew as you can see in the pictures above. If your into dance music I definitely recommend this 45 record because of the song Rhythm of the Night.