Coleman Lantern a dependable outdoor gas lights

coleman lantern

Coleman Lantern

The Coleman Lantern was first introduced by Coleman Company in 1914.  This led to a series of lamps that were originally made to burn kerosene or gasoline. Over the years at least 50 million Coleman Lanterns were sold worldwide. It is one of the most well known outdoor gas lights.


during the 1900’s William Coffin Coleman was selling high gasoline fueled lamps for outdoor gas lights use. It was manufactured by Irby & Gililland in Memphis Tennessee and the model he was selling was “The Efficient” Pendant Arc No. 6. Due to poor sales it led him to acquire the patent and redesign the lantern. In 1903 he first began to produce the lantern. In 1914 the first Coleman Lantern was introduced with various improvements and design.

Coleman Lantern Whole Back

My Coleman Lantern

I got this Coleman Lantern just the other day. I did a little bit of research and found out that it was a Coleman model 220E. And you can see the date it was made at the bottom. Mine has 8 and 53 which stands for August 1953.  as you can see in the picture below.

Coleman Lanter Date Stamp

The Coleman Lantern I got had some rust on the body due to aging. The glass cover is still intact and it is made pyrex made. According to the person who I bought it from it still works. The body is still in good condition for its age and the only problem that I can see is that some of the paint is flaking off showing some rust. The knobs and buttons still do work and they are not stock. You can easily turn the knob clockwise or counter clockwise. The knob at the bottom can easily be pulled and pushed to give gas to the lantern. One of my workers at my Junk Shop said that I can still buy the necessary materials to use to light this outdoor gas light. I asked him to buy the materials to test if this Coleman Lantern still works. He also said that a kerosene or gasoline can be used for this. I will just wait tomorrow for the materials so that we can check if it is working or not.

Coleman Lantern glass

Coleman Lantern back

Coleman lantern low



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